Calligaris NY x Get Decorated Feature

One of the benefits of working with an interior designer is knowing that you will have access to their tight knit industry contacts. As professionals, we work hard to create strong and lasting relationships with our vendors to ensure that when we introduce a client, the process will be detail oriented and the experience will be personalized. One of our favorite vendors who does just that for us, for every single one of our clients, is Calligaris New York and the wonderful team behind Niki Cheng and her husband Shaokao. We absolutely love the selection of high-end furnishings and accessories that Calligaris supplies from top manufacturers across the globe, including items from Italy that are ahead-of-their time design savvy. 

This is why we were so thrilled and honored to be approached by Niki and asked to participate as the featured designer in their summer newsletter. Keep scrolling to see screenshots or click here to read the full interview! 


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