Luxe Home Style with Sand + Fog

Luxe details are only made possible by featuring home decor pieces from brands who care, like one of our favorite vendors for candles, Sand + Fog Home. A luxury candle collection inspired by the California Coast, created by Interior Designers who wanted to set out and design a line of candles that fill our homes with soothing fragrances and a warm glow that curates the emotions of relaxation and that also help to trigger child hood memories. Because Sand + Fog is a company that cares about their product and the feelings that lighting a candle can elicit, we love to include them in our Interior Design projects because at then end of the day, at Get Decorated we are not only designing luxury homes but designing a lifestyle.  

Here, at our Interior Design project in Ridgefield, Connecticut, you can see how we’ve used the white “Ocean Mist” candle to blend seamlessly into the formal Sitting Room decor. We love to use Sand + Fog for pops of color as well but their white bases are our favorite and the cork style top on this candle was the perfect touch for adding both a neutral and natural element to the styling on top of the coffee table. This house was built in the 1700’s so there is already a lot of natural, dark wood and this white and light oak wood decorative touch is a great contrast. 

Get Decorated-Luxury Interior Designer Get Decorated-Luxury Interior Designer Get Decorated-Luxury Interior Designer


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