Wake up. Design. Sleep. Repeat.*

*And all the things in between.

If you follow us on Instagram, you have a pretty good idea of how the spaces we design look before and after our work is done. You even see some of our inspirations and coffee breaks. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, what you don’t see is what happens between all those shots. What happens is a lot, but don’t worry you won’t have to read a thousand words about it!

Get Decorated-NYC-Miami-Interior Designer

First, to know the ins and outs of Get Decorated, you have to know me – Lindsay! *waves* You may have read about me on the site but, even if you haven’t, consider this our official introduction. Honestly, I was very lucky to figure out early that the career I envisioned in advertising wasn’t really for me. That put me on a path of moving from my home-“town” of NYC to Miami to pursue design. After getting some great mentorship, unbelievable hands on experience, and making amazing vendor contacts, I went back to New York to kick off the new chapter of my design career. Of course, there’s no way to just leave Miami behind; so, any time a client calls I’m ready to book my tickets.

Now I am getting to live my dream of being my own CEO! As any small business owner knows being “the boss” doesn’t mean that our Instagram feed is the top priority – no matter how much we love sharing the fruits of our labor with you. In fact, without putting in a lot of hustle we’d have nothing to share.

Whether our project is in Miami or the tri-state area, the hustle is the same. The Get Decorated team considers each client’s needs and desires and solves the puzzle of making them a reality. Our designs – starting with proposal creations, including sketches and 3D renderings, to completion with styling – are 100% us. If a project requires a contractor, we’re the middle man ensuring quality work is completed on schedule. If the space needs some potted plants, we turn into gardeners. We grow and maintain vendor relationships that ensure our designs reflect the quality and style expected by our clients. In short, we give each project our full personal care and effort. After all that, I get to the parts of the business that get overlooked but are the backbone of a strong business. These are the things that live deep in the edges of out Instagram feed; they’re the hours of research, the accounting, the marketing, and business development. Not glamorous, but they’re my MBA. This business – my business – is not just a job. It’s what I work on late into the night, and it’s what I love. Good design is my passion and it is a privilege to use it to help others achieve living spaces that are accurate reflections of their personality and lifestyle qualities. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some sleep – and then “Repeat.”
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