Home Tour: The Whole Tara’s Parisian-Inspired NYC Apartment

Home Tour: NYC Interior Designers Collaborate with The Whole Tara for her first Parisian Inspired Rental

If you’ve ever spent time searching for the perfect “healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe” or watching fashion inspired tutorials on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across The Whole Tara. Now New York City–based blogger Tara has amassed over 61,000 followers thanks to her in-depth knowledge of nutritional foods, wellness, globe trotting and fashion. But it turns out she may also have an eye for home decor. Parisian style was the name of the game when Tara first moved to New York City and reached out to us for help achieving a big style dream in a small, Manhattan one-bedroom apartment. 

We were so excited at Get Decorated, NYC Interior Designers, to partner with Tara on her one-bedroom Manhattan home makeover. We were on a budget and had very specific goals to achieve after meeting with the Miami native upon her arrival to the big apple. Step inside The Whole Tara’s first NYC apartment home tour and shop the looks below. 

Drawn to light and neutral spaces, Tara requested all white everything. With a crippling amount of square footage available, we didn’t argue. Light colors are a great way to make a small space feel bigger. Luxurious and feminine details were also extremely important.



Because she was determined to keep her bedroom neutral, we selected items in textures to layer the space: delicately scrunched white sheers, pleated bed frame and a stunning brass-inlay nightstand give the space dimension, all the while staying monochrome.


Tara wanted to feel as if she was living in a Parisian hotel. The Four Seasons was our motivation so we worked with Wayfair to source affordably priced furniture that didn’t sacrifice on function or style and helped accommodate lots of storage to store all those shoes! A proper kitchen as also important for Tara since she often works on recipes out of her home.


Though Tara steers toward cleaner lines in general, we didn’t want her NYC apartment to look anything like her ultra-modern Miami home so we picked plush textures with soft lines and subtle hints of color. Big personality in a small space was the goal.




Tara has since upgraded to a new apartment in New York, be sure to follow along her new journey. Take the full first apartment tour by visiting Tara’s project here on our portfolio

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