Your Guide to Shopping Ikea’s 2018 Collection

Ikea’s 2018 Collection Has Arrived! Here’s what you need to know to shop smart:


As always, Ikea is all about designing and creating functional pieces for small spaces and this 2018 collection is no exception. Take a look at our favorite space saving tricks from the Swedish superstore’s new line.

1. Ikea is now pet-friendly! They’ve created an entire line dedicated to your fur babies! Pretty amazing. Take a look at our favorite pieces that were created with the best interest in mind for dogs and cats.


LURVIG Cat House – $54.98


2. White and Minimal is back. We took a little break there with some major design inspiration from European influence of dark jewel tones but fresh, clean, bright and white is back, and we like it. We can’t wait to incorporate this great shoe storage piece into a foyer of one of our interior design projects this year:


MACKAPAR Storage Cabinet – $59.99


3. Smart House – Ikea has been hip to the fact that everyone and their dog owns a smart phone these days so their collections have already included phone charging furntiure, take a look at these awesome new additions:


VARV Floor Lamp Base with Wireless Charging – $84.99


4. Going Green – Finding the perfect faux plant can often lead to an interior designer’s best known challenge with many of the best options available for a hefty price tag. Problem solved with the new artificial fiddle-leaf fig from Ikea! We’re also obsessed with these indoor/outdoor artificial wall planters.

fejka-artificial-potted-plant__0518958_PE641326_S4 fejka-artificial-plant-green__0522683_PE643395_S4 fejka-artificial-plant-green__0556732_PE660550_S4

FEJKA Artificial Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree – $49.99

FEJKA Artificial Plant – $4.99


5. The modern lighting game has been challenged. Affordable light fixtures, that look expensive, are now available at our fingertips, literally, you have to build them 🙂 These two new options are our favorites!



KATTARP Ceiling Fixture – $39.99 (Available in Nickel and Bronze) 

BAROMETER Floor Reading Lamp – $49.99


6. Storage solutions are always a game changer from Ikea. Check out this new addition to the family, a modern version of the standing desk perfect for small home office spaces or that teeny tiny foyer that you can’t figure out what to do with.


KNOTTEN Standing Desk – $149


All product images are owned by Ikea and courtesy of and in no way associated with Get Decorated.


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