5 Last-Minute Holiday Decorating Tips

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Christmas day is almost here and you’re not quite sure how to pull the house together for that special dinner. Keep it simple and follow these five steps for creating an effortless and gorgeous holiday tablescape, just in time!

1.Highlighting One Space Will Be Enough 

If time is of the essence, don’t take on the task of decorating your entire home. Chose one vignette and focus on making that area shine. The effort will show immediately and make just as much of an impact. For example, if you have a bar cart, incorporate a small fake Christmas tree, string lights and add pretty cocktails, like we did at our Holiday Home Tour:

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2. Go for the Gold 

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An easy way to add instant glam and a festive holiday touch to any tablescape is to incorporate gold accessories. I always buy for my clients (and recommend to my readers) a set of gold or copper flatware to have on hand in the kitchen. It may seem simple, but this small touch will make a huge impact on your table. Keep them around for any holiday or special event!

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3. Work With What You Already Own

My #1 tip for pulling off a formal place setting under pressure is to build your base with white and then add accents as you go. More likely than not, most people will have a cabinet stocked with white china and serving sets from wedding and house warming gifts or from just acquiring over the years (hi, Ikea). Use what you have on hand and build up! Taller place settings are more impressive. White is clean and classic but also great to make a festive impact. Add bursts of color, like gold as discussed above, for the final touches.

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4. Keep It Casual 

If you’re catering to a smaller or more relaxed group this year, keeping things casual won’t crush your festive look. Stick to using pieces that you own – bold and bright colors still work but keep the decor around your setup inducive to holiday cheer. Adding a sparkling cocktail on top of each placemat and focussing on a Christmas floral centerpiece will instantly up your table game.

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5. Own It

A large part of throwing a successful party is embracing it! The power of pride you take in your home and the confidence in your ability to entertain will always amount in a triumphant event. Have fun with it and most importantly, enjoy the time with your friends, family and loved ones.


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