Decorating Kids Rooms with Color

Decorating kids rooms, whether it’s a bedroom or playroom, can be a LOT of fun but also a challenging experience. It is easy to say, “Let’s add lots of color!” but you have to be careful not to clash a color palette, overwhelm the space without a thoughtful plan or to use colors in a way that might negatively affect the child’s mood. Here are a few guidelines that we follow at Get Decorated when decorating kids room with color:

1. Choose a color palette and stick with it
In order to establish the color palette of a kids room, I always start with asking the parents (and the kids!), what their favorite colors are and from there, establishing the primary and secondary color variations. If for example, their favorite colors are red and blue and orange and yellow (like in the photos from our Charming in Connecticut project below), choose decorative accents in the room that will effectively communicate these colors without overwhelming the space. Choose an area rug that is neutral or subtle in color and window treatments that are white or ivory.

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2. Accessorize Like Crazy
Decorative accessories is easily the best way to incorporate color into any space and particularly for kids, it’s a great way to allow them to add their own personal touch. Let the kids choose their favorite toys and objects but help guide them on where to place them and if it happens to stay staged and pretty, you’re lucky! If not, allow them to be creative within their own space.

Lindsay Biondo-Get Decorated-NYC Interior Designer

3. Have Fun!
Don’t be afraid to go bright and bold and have fun with your design! Decorating kids rooms with color is a really efficient way at helping children to foster their best behavioral qualities like concentration, confidence, cheerfulness and comprehension.

Lindsay Biondo-Get Decorated-NYC Interior Designer
If you are not local to the area, don’t fret, at Get Decorated we offer an amazing service called E-Design, which allows us to work with you on the design and decor of your home, remotely! The process is the same just without the one-on-one interaction. We rely on you to send us photos and measurements and then we take everything from there. You can check out pricing and more information on our online interior design services on our website!

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