Home Styling Package



Sometimes all it takes to refresh your home is a refresh of accessories, maybe move some furniture around and add new window treatments. Whatever the smaller task may be, we can handle it all within three days! Here’s how it works: 

Day 1 – We meet with you in person at your apartment to review your current conditions and assess what small home updates we can complete within your home styling package. This includes anything from new window treatments to new throw pillows to replacing all of the accessories on your bookshelf to hanging new artwork. If it’s a smaller job that can be completed within a day with our handyman service, we will get it done for you. 

Day 2 – Shopping Day! We take to the local stores and purcahse all the new home decor items. Don’t worry, whatever you don’t like, we will return. The total price includes covering transportation built-in. Part of the service you are buying is our knowledge in knowing all of the latest vendor inventory so we don’t waste time visiting stores that won’t have exactly what we are looking for. This is also the time that we discuss budget, which must be supplied in full before the next step. Any overages will be billed immediately after purchased. 

Day 3 –  Install Day! We are very lucky to work with contractors who we’ve built relationships with over time and trust. If your project requires any handyman work, we will coordinate our contractor to come along with us. This is an extra fee of $85/hour and must be paid out within 24-hours of the styling day. Some clients prefer us to build this cost into their total price – please contact us for details and we are happy to accommodate any special requests. 

After we’re done, we call you back home to experience your new home styling! This is when “the magic happens” and is a very valuable experience to a majority of our full-job clients so now we are offering the opportunity to everyone!